Unnamed LMIA: A Quick Hack to Speed up International Hiring

April 17, 2019

It is no secret that hiring international talent can be a daunting and frustrating task, especially with long winding visa processes that are involved. However, we have discovered that you can now apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) even before a temporary foreign worker (TFW) has been identified.

You can get LMIA credits without a candidate, under the ‘Unnamed LMIA’ (or Bulk LMIA), which means all you have to do is give your LMIA number to your international recruit along with the offer letter, which cuts down the processing time practically in half.

All the recruit has to do is apply for their work permit online or even better, candidates from visa exempt countries and now fly into Canada and get their work permits at the border. This means, they can jump on a plane and start working right away.

Why should you apply for Unnamed or Bulk LMIA credits?

Any organisation that predicts a large amount of hires in the future will no longer have to deal with the process of processing visas for every single foreign recruit.

For instance, when a multi-national company opens a branch office in Canada, and hires software development engineers who come with skills that are in demand, but perhaps not available in Canada. Now, while these jobs have specific skill requirements, the company may not have identified the right persons for it yet. And given that the initial processing of LMIA can take time, it is sensible to apply for it in advance, because once the LMIA is cleared, it’s really simple for the company to recruit and bring over new employees.

Companies can start there employee’s immigration processes before they have identified the candidates. LMIA applications that do not contain the names of the candidates, can apply for “Unnamed LMIA” and will be assessed by Service Canada.

Of course the employer must continue to make efforts to recruit Canadians and permanent residents of Canada until the names of the TFWs have been provided. But the fact of the matter is, there are certain skill sets that are often difficult to find in Canada, and it only makes sense to look in countries where they are abundantly available. And the LMIA allows companies to do just that.


Start the LMIA Process Immediately: Hiring requirements identified
Apply for Work Permit Immediately: Offer is Made
Timeline reduced to 2 weeks: Usually LMIA & WP takes 4-6 weeks
Validity: 6 months

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