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We are on a mission to create a borderless world by empowering tech talent worldwide to improve their soft skills and achieve their goal of getting hired abroad or remote.

What we do

For employersTrusted by 1000+ companies worldwide, we help tech companies to source and hire the best international talent.
For candidatesWe helpTech Professionals from all over the world get qualified and hired by tech companies in Canada, United States and European countries.
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Our vision

Building aborderless world for tech talent

Our mission

Create a world where tech talent can move wherever neededto help companies innovate and grow
Our Values
    We Hack Together
    We Hack TogetherMore than anything, we are a community. We believe that success is a result of joint efforts and we must always be working together towards our goals.
    We have no Borders
    We have no BordersWe are Global Citizens, and we believe that our careers should not be restricted to a particular office, city or country. We value the freedom to be able to work and deliver great results being anywhere in the world, always adapting and working effectively.
    We are passionate about customers
    We are passionate about customersWe recognize that our customers are the reason for our success in business, and we are 100% committed to helping companies find the best talents and support our tech community to find their dream job abroad. We hold ourselves accountable for quality outcomes.
    We are Diverse
    We are DiverseRespect and Equality are central to any human relationship. We respect individual differences and appreciate different cultures, visions, and opinions, while at the same time we understand that everyone is important to our business.
    We are Always Getting Better
    We are Always Getting BetterOur environment is rich in experience, change, and learning. We never stop learning and developing. We think big and we are always seeking opportunities to improve ourselves and grow our business.
    We move fast
    We move fastSpeed is important to our business. For us, “right now” is better than “tomorrow”. Our market is constantly expanding and changing, so it is essential for our business that we be fast, assertive and adaptable in the search for better solutions for our customers.
Our story
    VanHack is incorporatedWe started out as an online school and recruiting platform to help Brazilians get jobs in Canada.

    We realized that Canadian companies were extremely open to high-quality international hires, and we focused in help worldwide tech talent to get hired in Canada.
    Grows into a Global Recruiting platform
    We added European companies to our platform, and we continue to add new countries.
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    Join Start-Up Chile Accelerator
    Accepted into Techstars Berlin & expands to Europe
    VanHack joins the prestigious Techstars Accelerator in Berlin and launches our European operations helping VanHackers relocate to Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, UK, Ireland, Malta and Luxembourg.
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    Luxembourg Government Startup Accelerator
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    Join the prestigious Techstars Accelerator
    Launch Hiring Events
    We hosted the world’s largest recruiting fair for tech talent with relocation resulting in 72 hires.

    We also launched our “Leap” events and brought dozens to VanHackers to Canada and Europe to meet with companies in person before relocating.
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    Join the DMZ Accelerator
    Hit 150,000 VanHackers in the Community
    We were very proud of the fact that more than 150,000 tech professionals from all over the world are part of the VanHack family.
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    Mentorship program for top 10 most promising Canadian startups
    Cross 1,000 VanHackers Hired
    We have had more than 1000 people get hired through VanHack - and we are not slowing down!
    1600+ lives changed and counting!
    VanHack has our best year ever with over 500 hires.
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    LinkedIn 2021 Talent Awards Winner
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    Top 100 Tech Companies to Watch for in 2022
    Growing Fast!
    2022 has been off to a hot start and we continue working hard to get as many VanHackers hired as possible!
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