Why Larissa, Fronted Developer, decided to join VanHack

September 24, 2018

I had been following VanHack’s work for some time, I believe it has been since the beginning of this year. At the time I was in the last semester of college and since I always wanted to work in Canada, I decided to start seeking how selection processes worked so that I could get ready when I finished college, and then I found VanHack, and I didn’t imagine that I would be working here today.

After signing up on the platform, one of the first things I did was get into Slack. From there I was able to see how the VanHack team is helpful, and when I was called for an interview from a VanHack’s client, I was very happy and impressed that there were mock interviews even for those who weren’t a premium user. As a candidate, I was able to experience how the VanHack team likes what they do and are willing to help.

When I saw that they were hiring someone with my profile, I did not waste time and applied for the job because I knew I could have two of the things that most motivate me to work. One is to be able to help someone, for me, there is nothing better than being able to transform someone’s life with your skills and ability, it’s like that moment “Look, mother, I did it.” The other thing is to be able to work with a great team, because if you will spend much of your day with some people, they have to be incredible, and I can say that the technology team really is.

VanHack’s technology team is very good at working, everyone has a willingness to help each other, and when it’s needed, just call that help comes. They are committed people who not only work to improve the product but also how to facilitate processes within the company to be able to assist the activities of other teams. Being able to work at VanHack is a unique opportunity, and as they Fronted Developer, I am very happy.