What is VanHack Premium?

August 9, 2018
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VanHack Premium is a complete package of solutions to help you get a job abroad. We’ll offer you full support through personalized calls, webinars, strategic English classes, and an exclusive Slack community. Here are all the services:


#1 Unlimited Access to our team to guide you along your job search.


#2 Personalized International Profile: Resume, Cover Letter & LinkedIn Profile Review.


#3 Interview Practice in English. Our classes are online and you can practice your speaking and listening in English. It is also a nice opportunity to improve your answers for a real interview process. We have IELTS, Grammar and Pronunciation, Interview Practice and Technical Interview Practice Classes.


#4 Exclusive Slack Community to share industry insights and grow together.


#5 Step-by-Step video course showing you how to move abroad.


#6 Exclusive Webinars.


#7 Personal consultation call with a VanHack team member to review your career goals and plan your job search.


Want to get a great job in Canada or Europe? Join VanHack Premium now: