What if my level is below the passing level?

August 27, 2018
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If your English is below the passing level, you can keep working and improving your English skills and retake your verification after 3 months.

We know this can be a bit frustrating, but we also know that English is something that you’re working hard to improve and we want to help you with this important step.

And to help you improve your English skills faster, we want to invite you to meet our Premium service today. You’ll have more than 40h of English class – grammar and IELTS, interview practice and technical interview practice; resume review; mock interviews; exclusive community and webinars to help you improve every day to get you hired. All that for less than $2.50 a day.

Join VanHack Premium today

You’ll be able to apply to be Verified again in three months, so keep studying and practicing. We’re sure your English will be much better soon!

Remember, Your English is Always Getting Better!