What should I do to become a VanHacker and join the community?

August 9, 2018
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To become a VanHacker, you need to:


1) Create your profile at https://app.vanhack.com/Profile

2) Fill out your information into your profile. You can use our Wizard to help you gain time.

3) Request your English Verification by clicking on the button “Start your English Verification” at the top of your profile. A sequence of pop-ups will appear. Pay attention to them and follow the instructions. When scheduling your Verification, remember to use your VanHack account email. 

4) After the English Verification call, your profile will be updated in a maximum of 5 business days.

5) Once your profile is complete and your English is verified, search for your dream job and apply at https://app.vanhack.com


To join our free Slack community, you just need to click on the Slack button available in our platform (https://app.vanhack.com/) after you log in.