Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps to move to Canada?

Moving to Canada is a long process and requires many steps, most of which are different for each person depending on your case. The important things to have are: English, Visa, Job, Housing and Cultural understanding.

Are my Skills needed in Canada?

If you work with tecnology, programming, design, digital marketing, network engineering and anything related, you have high chances of getting a job in Canada. We recommend searching on for your skills and seeing exactly how many jobs there are in Canada for you.

How do I study in Canada?

This is depends greatly on the school you will study at. First you need to take the IELTS exam and get score that is required by the school, next you will need to apply to the specific program of the school and be accepted. The school will send you a letter of accenptance which you can use to apply for the student visa. Once you have this, you can come to Canada to study. Note, you must have the required funds needed to stay in Canada to get your student visa.

What age do I need to be to get a job in Canada?

There is no perfect age, too young or too old, for getting a job in Canada. Many people think they are too old to immgirate and enter the job market, which is an incorrect point of view as companies value an experienced professional very much.

Can I work remotely for a Canadian company? How?

Yes, getting a remote job is the recommended first step for everyone who works with technology. This way you get to improve your English, have Canadian experience and earn in CAD.

How long is the immigration process?

This depends on each situation. We recommend talking to eVisa Immigration about this. Email

Do I have any chance to get a job in Canada with basic english level?

That depends on what you mean by "Basic". We have had many members get jobs without fluent English and believe that code has no accent, so if you can prove your technology skills, your chances of getting a job are high. VanHack Premium can help you improve your English with our 32 hours of English practice.

Do you recommend any Recruitment Agencies in Canada?

Yes - us! We are a recruitment agency. You can see all our jobs here.

Does VanHack translate my CV in English?

No, we help you format it once it is in English. We will correct any English mistakes that you may have. Note: this service is for VanHack Premium members.

Is it common the recruiters stop the selection process when they know that the applicant doesn't have work permmit?

Yes, this is common.

When do you interview practices happen?

Our group Interview practice sessions run every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night for 1 hour at 9PM UTC-3. We use Zoom as our conference call session and all interview practice sessions are recorded and put online for any member to watch in the future.

I work with infrastructure, networks, SAP, database and I intend to study Programming because I think it is easier to get a job. Is it a good strategy?

Yes, it's much easier to get a job as a programmer, but there are many jobs in the Infrastrucuture area.

I will study in college because my spouse does not have enough English, is a good strategy?

NO! If you have technical skills, your spouse should study and YOU should work. If you study, you will not be able to get a job working only 20 hours a week and your spouse won't be able to work since she doesn't speak English or have technical skills. So it is MUCH BETTER for your spouse to study so you can work.

Is it possible to get a Full time Remote job?

Yes! Many of our members are working full time for a remote company. This is more and more common.