Diversity in Tech Virtual Summit

A One day Virtual Conference sharing strategies on how to build and attract a diverse tech team

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A Diversity Conference without Borders

Learn from top experts in Diversity & Tech Recruiting field on how to build and grow your teams on November 22nd, 2017.

Learn how to Grow a Diverse Team and hire the Best Tech Talent

Connect with other HR professionals and share tips about how to improve your Technical recruiting strategy.

Confirmed Speakers (many more to come!)

Creating recruiting processes to increase diversity

Kathy Gibson
President, Catchy Consulting

Overcoming barriers to diversity on tech teams

Laura Duve
Head of Human Resources, Rheingau Founders

Diversity is never enough!

CEO, HackerNest

Diversity and Growth in Gaming

Yad Dhaliwal
Recruiter at Prodigy Game

Streamlining the process of recruiting Tech talent to hire the best

Tomasz Winter
HR Tech Advisor & Partner @ Devskiller.com

Attracting top tech talent through education.

Anthony Onesto
General Manager, Konrad Group

The top 5 ways to grow diverse and innovative teams

Maria Mezher
Global HR Manager at LYKE

Using video interviews to increase diversity

Charlie Judy
CEO, SparkHire

Diversity + Inclusion = Innovation and Profitability

Abdullah Snobar
Executive Director of The DMZ at Ryerson University

Shifting from surviving to thriving: Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging

Ivana Lochhead
Partner at Feminuity | Project Lead at MaRS Discovery District ยท

Shifting from surviving to thriving: Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging

Dr. Sarah Saska
Co-Founder and CEO at Feminuity

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Diversity in Tech Virtual Summit hosted?

This conference is 100% virtual. You can participate at your computer from anywhere in the world. It's hosted in our Slack Group which you can join for free!

Who can join?

Anyone interested in technical recruiting!

What will I learn?

You'll get practical advice for industry experts on how to quickly improve your technical recruiting processes to grow diverse teams

How much does it cost?

The conference is Free to join

Join Diversity Summit to improve your technical recruiting skills and grow a diverse team