How Victor got hired in Canada from Nigeria

September 24, 2018

Victor is a Senior Front-end Developer from Nigeria who got hired and is moving to Canada. He is our first Nigerian VanHacker to get a job and move to Canada, and it’s a pleasure to share his story today.

Victor is a full-stack developer with five years of experience who decided to specialize in front-end development – he also teaches software development in Nigeria for professionals starting their careers. He met VanHack around six months ago and wasn’t completely sure about it at first (he didn’t think it would work for people in Africa), but he decided to apply for the jobs that better fit his profile and see how it goes.

And we know the results now. 🙂

He also talked about the interview process in Canada – and how it’s similar or not to one in Nigeria. And he gave some (great) tips to VanHackers looking to get hired in Canada too.

Watch Victor’s Success Case vídeo here:



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