How VanHack helped 14 Female Tech Professionals get hired in 2017

August 21, 2017

From the start, VanHack has been about connecting a diverse community technology professionals to top companies around the world. By focusing on helping international tech talent get the soft skills needed to get hired abroad, we’ve been able to build an amazing global community with over 100,000 professionals from over 73 countries.

One of the added benefits we didn’t expect is the amount of amazing female engineers in our community. That’s due to our global reach which has allowed us to identify a unique pool of highly skilled female engineers who are actively looking for a job abroad.

We did some analysis and realised that without it being a major focus of our platform, we’ve already helped 14 of these great female engineers get hired this year.

This got us thinking, if we can help 14 in 2017, why not help 30 more by the end of 2018? So without further ado:

We are launching a campaign to get 30 Amazing Female Tech Professionals Hired in 2018!

To make this happen, we’ve identified a list of over 200 strong female engineers and designers who are actively looking for a job in Canada and Europe and are working to connect them to their next challenge.

Here are the great professionals we’ve already helped this year:

(This list will be updated as each new hire is made)

Bruna Cesario – QA Engineer, – Remote / New York City

Thais Rodrigues, Java Developer – Toronto, Ontario

Carina Cristina da Silva, Senior Full Stack PHP Developer – Remote / Switzerland

Ana Carolina, UX Designer – Remote / Vancouver

María Fernanda De la Hoz Sánchez – TEK Systems,  Toronto

Carolina Darski – Full Stack Ruby Developer, Vancouver

Anastasia Chetvertukhina – UX/UI, Digital Designer, Vancouver

Elis de Santis A. Pereira – Full Stack Developer – Remote / Vancouver

Ana Raquel Campesan – Software Developer – Montreal 

Mak Chang, Frontend Developer – Amsterdam 

Business Intelligence Analyst, Lisbon

Backend Developer, Amsterdam 

Aline Manera – Python Developer – Waterloo, Canada

Deborah D’ Carlo, QA Analyst, Malta

You can see more great female developers who are ready to relocate to Canada and Europe in the VanHack Talent Pool.

Browse it for free HERE and email to get hand picked recommendations from our team.