Our Vision: A Borderless World for Tech Talent

Our Team Values are:

More than anything, we are a community. We believe that success is a result of joint efforts and we must always be working together towards our goals.

We Hack Together

We are Global Citizens, and we believe that our careers should not be restricted to a particular office, city or country. We value the freedom to be able to work and deliver great results being anywhere in the world.

We have no Borders

We recognize that our customers are the reason for our success in business, and we are 100% committed to helping companies find the best talents and support our tech community to find their dream job abroad.

We are passionate about customers

Respect and Equality are central to any human relationship. We appreciate different cultures, visions, and opinions, while at the same time we understand that everyone is important to our business.

We are Diverse

Our environment is rich in experience, change, and learning. We never stop learning and developing. We think big and we are always seeking opportunities to improve ourselves and grow our business.

We are Always Getting Better

Speed is important to our business. For us, “right now” is better than “tomorrow”. Our market is constantly expanding and changing, so it is essential for our business that we be fast, assertive and flexible in the search for better solutions for our customers.

We move fast

Our Amazing Team

Ilya is the Co-founder and CEO of VanHack. He is a global citizen and believes in a borderless world.

Ilya Brotzky
Founder & CEO

Giselle is the Co-Founder and CSO at VanHack. She believes that strong growth comes from following a strategic plan and keeping your eye on the details.

Giselle Guimarães
Co-Founder & CSO

Fred is a tech executive, serial entrepreneur, and the first believer in VanHack.

Fred Rego

Tiago is passionate about helping people all around the world realize their dreams to live abroad. He loves the ability to turn lines of code into things he's dreamed of. When he's out of the office, he plays with his kids and works on his project car.

Tiago Maximo

Ash enjoys growing the tech community and helping others achieve their dreams through VanHack. Outside the office, he relaxes by listening to the stories of other people's lives.

Ash Kumar
Head of Growth Canada

Robson is a self described nerd, technology enthusiast, entrepreneur and developer focused on the backend. He loves the ability to change lives through his work. Outside of the office, he loves to drive, swim, go to the beach, see the sunset, and of course, test new tech.

Robson Paproski
Full-Stack Developer

Lucas is a Full-Stack developer focused on machine learning and data science. He loves working with a great team while helping people change their lives. Outside of work he loves to read, play games, run, swim and explore nature.

Lucas Britz
Full-Stack Developer

Ola is a passionate software engineer who also loves to read, play guitar, and engage in "geeky stuff". He enjoys the team spirit and amazing leadership at VanHack. Outside the office, he likes to code, play music, and network.

Olakunle Makanjuola
Technical Recruiter

Julia is an experienced HR professional who loves helping VanHackers get their dream jobs

Julia Favere
VanHack Success Manager

Scarlet enjoys working as part of a diverse and flexible team. She has 4 years of experience in end to end recruitment cycle for different industries such as IT, oil & gas, manufacturing and aerospace. During her spare time she enjoys Yoga, outdoor activities and reading.

Scarlet Wood
Technical Recruiter

Didier enjoys helping connect people with opportunities as well as helping them grow professionally. He recently joined VanHack because he loves the idea of building a border-less world. During his spare time he enjoys gaming, playing his guitar and hanging out with friends.

Didier Pachas
IT Recruiter

Andreza is a digital marketer who believes the internet is the best way to connect people - to people, to companies, and to stories. She loves being able to impact people's lives. Outside of the office, she enjoys traveling, reading, watching TV shows and movies, and spending time with family and friends.

Andreza Mendes
Digital Marketing Leader

Amr has been in the IT industry since 1997 working for large corporations, government departments, as well as startups. He has lived in six countries on four continents, now working with VanHack Candidates and Employers to increase hiring success! Outside of the office, he plays drums, soccer, and entertains his kids.

Amr Selim
Director - West Canada

Stephanie has an MBA and 9+ years experience working in Career Services, Business Development and Human Resources. She has passion for Tech, Diversity & Inclusion, and helping candidates find their dream job. Out of the office, she enjoys travelling and spending time with friends.

Stephanie Hackert
Growth Manager Western Canada

Wan is a designer who strives to make people’s lives better with the products he helps to create. He loves working at VanHack because his work has global reach. Out of the office, he can be found 3D printing, travelling, or spending quality time with his wife and family.

Wan Souza
Product Designer

Having worked on IT, Recruiting Agency, and Chemical Industries, he has significant experience with Corporate and Technical full-cycle recruitment process, with 6+ years of experience. In addition,he is passionate, determined, energetic, and self-driven with excellent managerial and teamwork skills. He loves helping IT professionals relocate for their dream jobs abroad. Out of office, he enjoys running, biking, and watching TV shows.

Guilherme Maniglia
Head of Recruitment

Ana enjoys supporting and advising people. She prides herself on the ability to change someone's life by helping them get a job abroad. During her spare time she enjoys spending her time with family and friends.

Ana Lins
Recruitment and Training Specialist

Cristi is a self-taught professional who mixes creative problem solving with a get it done mentality. He loves connecting awesome talents with companies around the world. Outside the office, he spends time relaxing with family and friends.

Cristi Cireasa
Talent Manager

Jorie enjoys Working with co-workers at VanHack as well as communicating with VanHackers and helping them with their inquiries relating to their application. During her spare time she enjoys movie time with her family.

Jorie Bautista
Interview Coordinator

Solana has 7 years of experience in HR. She loves connecting people for job opportunities around the globe and really enjoys VanHack's work atmosphere and communication flow. On her free time, she likes to watch movies, draw, and travel.

Solana Gaspari
Tech Recruiter

Stefanie loves identifying the best tech talents and preparing them for international job interviews. VanHack has changed her life, and now her main goal is to change the lives of VanHackers. During her spare time, she enjoys playing with her cat, eating out and walking along the Vancouver Seawall.

Stefanie Wessler
Customer Success Specialist

Durand loves to help people to improve their skills, play sports and develop all kinds of web systems. In his spare time, he likes to travel with his family.

Durand Neto
Web Developer

Luis has 4+ years of experience in administration, finance, and human resources areas. He developed his professional career in international companies where he could improve his skills and knowledge and worked with amazing people's that allowed him to enrich his learning. He is always looking for new challenges and focused on personal improvement and teamwork. In his free time, Luis enjoys playing soccer and hung out with his wife and friends.

Luis Benitez
Talent Specialist

Aline has a Licensure Degree in Languages, besides a Graduated Degree in Web Systems Development, with 10+ years of experience in the IT Industry. She was once a VanHacker, but then she found herself a home when she got the opportunity to combine her tech skills with her teaching skills by joining the VanHack Success Team in order to help others to improve themselves and achieve their goals. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her cats, family, and friends.

Aline Bicudo
Talent Development Assistant

Jorge is a passionate recruiter and tech enthusiast who enjoys helping people grow professionally and achieve their goals, and loves the experience of working on a multicultural and global team. Outside of work, he’s a self-described geek who likes playing video games, reading epic fantasy novels and cooking

Jorge Lopez
Technical Recruiter

Tatiane is passionate about helping and advising people. Her main goal is making sure that VanHackers relocate as smoothly as possible. She believes in integrating people throughout a strong and inclusive community. In her free time, she enjoys swimming and reading.

Tatiane Cortez
Relocation Coordinator

Robyn has a Bachelor's and 8+ years of combined experience working in Sales, Business Development and Recruitment She is currently working as a Growth Manager and is enjoying helping to achieve a borderless world. Out of the office, she enjoys traveling, reading, and writing.

Robyn Orsini
Growth Manager

Alina has a bachelor's degree in Psychology and 10+ years of experience as a Recruiter, having worked for different industries throughout her career. She considers that getting to know new people from different backgrounds and helping them achieve their dreams is the best part of her job.

Alina Fialho
Tech Recruiter

Front-End Developer, ReactJS and JavaScript lover I am passionate about open-source projects and sharing knowledge, creator of Vue Theme for VScode. In my free time, I love being with my family and to play the guitar.

Mário Rodeghiero
Front End Software Developer

Juliana has +7 years of experience as an HR and Success specialist. She is also a Tech enthusiast, who’s passionate about building better products, customer relationship, and user experience. She thinks that VanHack is a great place to be to apply her drive for human beings, tech, design, creativity, and self-development.

Juliana Morais
Customer Success Specialist

Karan is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC). He loves helping people navigate the various Canadian immigration programs and achieve their goals of coming to Canada. In his spare time he likes playing squash, trying different cuisines and spending time with family.

Karan Dhani
Immigration Consultant

A Recruitment Professional with more than 6 years of experience into Talent Acquisition, Campus Recruitment, Training & Development, Induction & On-boarding, Employee Engagement, Employer Branding with a multivariate International Industry Exposure – Education, IT, Social Media, Consulting and Healthcare.

Bitan Banerjee
Talent Sourcer

Bruna has 5 years of experience working in HR. Today, connects great candidates located all around the planet to companies open to different cultures and backgrounds.

Bruna Fatobene
Tech Recruiter