Building a Borderless World

Our Amazing Team

Ilya is the Founder and CEO of VanHack. He is a global citizen and believes in a borderless world.

Ilya Brotzky

Fred is a tech executive, serial entrepreneur, and the first believer in VanHack.

Fred Rego

Tiago has been working with technology for the last 10 years and is constantly learning and improving.

Tiago Maximo

Stefanie is passionate about helping VanHackers find great companies to work with in Europe.

Stefanie Jungkunz
Country Manager, Germany

Yousuf is a seasoned B2B sales leader, passionate about expanding VanHack's global footprint and connecting great companies with amazing people.

Yousuf Khatib
Chief Business Officer

Rodrigo is our Canadian Country Manager. He is an experienced entrepreneur that had the dream to move to Canada and now is working hard to find the best opportunities for VanHackers who want to do the same.

Rodrigo Fernandes
Country Manager, Canada

Moe finds all the best VanHackers and connects them to great companies.

Moe Nazariha
Talent Manager

Being part of the VanHack team is an amazing experience and I am loving watching the company grow as we make people’s dreams of working abroad come true. VanHack has an amazing energy and vibrancy from the VanHack team to the thousands of VanHackers who have joined up seeking employment opportunities.

Paul Urban
Talent Manager

Julia is an experienced HR professional who loves helping VanHackers get their dream jobs

Julia Favere
VanHack Success Manager