Recruiting Fair & Hackathon for a Canadian Company in São Paulo

Join us in São Paulo on March 17th & 18th for a weekend long hackathon & recruiting fair and get hired at one of the top tech companies in Canada.

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Get a chance to work side by side with the CTO and Lead Developers of one of Canada's top tech companies during a weekend long hackathon and recruiting fair.

We're looking for the Best Developers who want to move to Canada

The company is looking to hire Java, React, DevOps and Data Engineers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the VanHackathon Hosted?

We are finalizing the exact location. It will be in São Paulo, Brazil.

Who can join?

Any Software Engineer who is interested in getting hired in Canada.

How will the Hackathon work?

The Hackathon will start Saturday morning and last until Sunday evening. You'll get more information once you sign up.

Will I get feedback on my project?

Unfortunately due to the large volume of project submitted, the company can't give individual feedback on each one. The interviews will be happening during the weekend and the company will follow up with the candidates they are interested in.

How do I get more information?

Email with any questions or join sign up to The VanHackathon and ask questions in our Slack group!

How many people will get hired?

The company is looking to hire as many developers as possible.

What cities are they hiring for?

The company has offices in Winnipeg and Saskatoon and is hiring for both locations.

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