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Our Amazing Team

Ilya is the Founder and CEO of VanHack. He is a global citizen and believes in a borderless world.

Ilya Brotzky

Fred is a tech executive, serial entrepreneur, and the first believer in VanHack.

Fred Rego

Ash enjoys growing the tech community and helping others achieve their dreams through VanHack. Outside the office, he relaxes by listening to the stories of other people's lives.

Ash Kumar
Head of Growth Canada

Larissa has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and 8+ years of experience working as a Career Coach. She loves helping amazing tech talent find their dream job abroad. Outside of the office, she watches television and movies; cooks, and hangs out with loved ones.

Larissa Meiglin
VanHack Success Analyst

Robson is a self described nerd, technology enthusiast, entrepreneur, and developer focused on the backend. He loves the ability to change lives through his work. Outside of the office, he loves to drive, swim, go to the beach, see the sunset, and of course, test new tech.

Robson Paproski
Full-Stack Developer

Ola is a passionate software engineer who also loves to read, play guitar, and engage in "geeky stuff". He enjoys the team spirit and amazing leadership at VanHack. Outside the office, he likes to code, play music, and network.

Olakunle Makanjuola
Technical Recruiter

Julia is an experienced HR professional who loves helping VanHackers get their dream jobs

Julia Favere
VanHack Success Manager

Bitan is a recruitment enthusiast with industry experience in healthcare, education, consulting, Non-profit and IT. He loves the fact that he is part of a global team that never sleeps. Outside the office, he loves cooking and photography.

Bitan Banerjee
Tech Recruitment - India

Cristiano is an old school and passionate developer who loves process improvement, keeping things simple, and martial arts. He loves the ability to help change people's lives. Outside of the office, he hangs out with his pets, his family and plays sports.

Cristiano Pimentel
Community Manager

Andreza is a digital marketer who believe the internet is the best way to connect people - to people, to companies, and to stories. She loves being able to impact people's lives. Outside of the office, she enjoys traveling, reading, watching some TV, and spending time with family and friends.

Andreza Mendes
B2C Digital Marketing Specialist

Rodrigo is an entrepreneur who relocated to Canada and works hard to help VanHackers do the same. He loves that his work helps people reach their dreams. Outside of the office, he likes to read and watch movies.

Rodrigo Fernandes Moreira
Country Manager - Canada

Fionna thinks up creative ways to connect with local startups and help bring them much needed tech talent from around the world. She loves the people she works with. Out of the office, she spends quality time with loved ones.

Fionna Faulk
Growth Director - Netherlands

Amr has been in the IT industry since 1997 working for large corporations, government departments, as well as startups. He has lived in six countries on four continents, now working with VanHack Candidates and Employers to increase hiring success! Outside of the office, he plays drums, soccer, and entertains his kids.

Amr Selim
Talent Manager - Canada

Ricardo is an Interaction and Visual Communication Designer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He loves knowing that his work is helping talented people achieve their dreams. Out of the office, you can find him at the movie theater.

Ricardo Rente
Videographer, Designer and Content Manager

A communicator by nature, Lauren operates at the intersection of people and purpose helping companies attract the right talent to their team. She loves being able to connect opportunities with people from all over the world. Out of the office, Lauren can be found exploring her hometown of Vancouver and designing wedding jewelry.

Lauren Wolfe
Account Manager

Jeff is an HR/Recruitment leader, advisor, investor, speaker, blogger and collaborator within the Canadian SMB tech space. He loves helping companies successfully solve huge talent challenges. Out of the office, he attends and organizes HR events, watches and plays sports, and spends time with his fiance and three boys.

Jeff Waldman
Vice President, Evangelism & Strategy

John is a Recruiter/Headhunter who has traveled to 23 Countries and speaks five languages. He's also a stand up comic, physique competitor, martial artist, and soccer player, who loves connecting stellar talent with fantastic companies. Outside of the office, he takes part in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and marathon cooking sessions.

John Wade
Recruitment Manager

Leonardo is a self-described nerd and hard worker, with many years experience working on front-end development. His greatest pleasure as a professional is seeing people use the products he's developed and he loves that his work helps people transform their lives. Outside of the office, he plays games, watches movies, studies hard and spends time with his wife.

Leonardo Vitale
Front-End Developer

Wan is a designer who strives to make people’s lives better with the products he helps to create. He loves working at VanHack because his work has global reach. Out of the office, he can be found 3D printing, travelling, or spending quality time with his wife and family.

Wan Souza
Product Designer

Cireasa is a self-taught professional who mixes creative problem solving with a get it done mentality. He loves that his work has the opportunity to change lives. Outside the office, he spends time relaxing with family and friends.

Cireasa Cristian
Candidate Matching and Verification
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